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iCopyBot Lets Users Easily Transfer Music from iPod to iTunes on PC and Mac computer

VOW Software Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of a new software product, called iCopyBot, that allows users to easily transfer music from an iPod to iTunes on Mac computer, as well from an iPad and iPhone. With iCopyBot, Mac owners can transport songs from an iPad, iPod or iPhone back to their iTunes library with a single click.

iCopyBot—which works with both PC and Mac formats—not only transmits music files, but also videos, photos, books, ringtones with play count and song ratings. It can also transfer songs with playlists to an iTunes library directly. In addition, iCopyBot can move music files to a folder on users’ Mac computer with playlist in m3u file, so they can be played with another media player. Because iCopyBot only reads data from iPods, users’ music file remains safely in tact after their songs have been transferred.

“iCopyBot represents a unique and easy solution for today’s mobile device users,” said Sales Director Shane Hsu. “We are excited to provide this powerful software on Windows/Mac platform to enable consumers to maximize the use of their iPad, iPod and iPhone products.”

The new iCopyBot supports a variety of iPad, iPod and iPhone models, including iPad Wi-Fi, iPad Wi-Fi+3G, iPad 16GB, iPad 32GB, iPad 64GB, and even iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. It offers a number of important benefits that are not available in any other software product. iCopyBot enables Mac users to:

  • Easily send music, videos, books, ringtones and photos from their iPad, iPod or iPhone and to the Mac computer folder or iTunes
  • Protect their iPad, iPod and iPhone against unwanted iTunes synchronizations
  • Preserve all song ratings, comments, play counts, the songs’ order and even volume adjustments
  • Auto-reject duplicate files when importing music into their iTunes library
  • Keep their outfolder organized

From a trend standpoint, there is a growing amount of software being developed to help consumers maximize the use of their iPad, iPod or iPhone. The iCopyBot takes it a step further by allowing people to combine the use of their favorite Apple products with increasingly popular Mac computers. “We have a passion for music and technology that is evidenced by our strong commitment to our products and our high-quality customer service,” Hsu said.

For more detail about the new iPod to computer transfer software, please download it free and have a try:
Download iPod to Computer Transfer for Mac.
Download iPod to Computer Transfer for Windows

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Video: How to transfer music from iPod to iTunes

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About transfer songs from iPod to iTunes

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Many friends asked me, “My computer crashed, and I lost my music in iTunes library, how do I restore my iTunes library? Can I restore it from my iPod?”

The answer is “Yes!”.

Though iTunes can only copy one way: from computer sync to your iPod, so we must use some other software.

All you need is a third party program: iPod to Computer Transfer, just download and install Windows Version or Mac Version, then you can restore your iTunes library from your iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Video, iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 4, include all videos, photos, books and songs with playlist, play count, artwork and more.

It very easy to use, just a few clicks.

Read more about how to transfer songs from iPod to iTunes.

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